For Industry and the Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing makes up the largest part of industry in both the UK and worldwide. Cati is there to help UK industry with its complex compliance management.

It is the sector of the economy that produces finished products – the equipment and items we use on a daily basis.

As such, it has a critical role in enabling the world to function, and it is also responsible for creating a huge number of jobs.

It is subject to many safety and compliance regulations covering the safety of all employees, suppliers and visitors, as well as ensuring the products are being manufactured to the necessary standard.

These regulations can be complex, as they may cover things such as extreme dangers, many hazards, large machinery, forklifts and equipment with lots of moving parts, as well as areas in which lots of people, robots, equipment or vehicles are moving around.

All the directives are overseen by regulators. And if an organisation’s compliance is not properly managed, it will face regulatory pressure.

In the manufacturing sector our Cati on-line compliance tool can help with:
  • Fire risk assessments and firefighting equipment services
  • Intruder alarm/CCTV servicing
  • First aiders
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and fixed wire testing
  • Extract and ducting inspection and cleaning
  • Ladder inspections
  • Waste transfer note and hazard waste disposal notes
  • Lifting equipment inspections (LOLER)
  • Certificate Of Compliance (COC)
  • Insurance requirements
  • Hydrogen Reactor servicing and inspections
  • Roller shutter door servicing and inspections

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