Where do I go to sign in to Cati?

To sign in to Cati, first head to our website www.caticompliance.co.uk. Enter your login credentials in the login section and you will be redirected once you have successfully logged in.

How can I change my password?

If you forget your password, or need to change it, you can do so on the Cati log in screen by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ button. Make sure to never share your password with anyone.

How do I add a property or building on Cati?

If you would like to add additional properties or buildings to your portfolio on Cati, you must be an admin user. At the top right-hand corner of the page, where your user profile sits, you will be able to access ‘Manage Cati’. You can insert/create and edit sites and buildings here. Please note, you must have a building assigned to a site. If you just want one building as its own line, you will need to have a site created in that name, as well as a building in the same name. If you want more buildings within a site, these don’t need to match.

Are there different user access rights?

If you have more than one property/building, you can allow a user to access one/any/all properties/buildings within your portfolio, as well as one/any/all categories and sub-categories. This works well for property/building managers who only need to focus on their own property/building and not the full portfolio, or for contractors who will require specific category/sub-category/building access.

Can my colleague have a log in to Cati? If so, how do I arrange this?

You can have as many user log ins as you wish. To set this up, you must be an admin user. At the top right-hand corner of the page, where your user profile sits, you will be able to access ‘Manage Cati’. Select the Users tab, and this will open Manage Users, where you can click ‘insert’ to create a new user or edit existing users. All new users will automatically receive an email with their username and one-time password, which they will need to change when they first log in.

You can also add ‘third party’ users, for contractors who will be provided with a different view of Cati.

Who receives the reminder emails?

Anyone who has been set up and associated to a property or building will receive reminder emails against that property/building. When setting up a user, you can give or take away reminder emails. These can be edited under the ‘manage users’ section by an admin user.

Can I change the RAG rating timescales – i.e. Amber is 3 months, can we change this to 1 month?

Yes. At the top of your Schedule of Compliance, where you have the key explaining the different symbols/indicators, you will see a drop down next to the amber. This allows you to set the timescale at which point something turns from amber to red.

How do I change the frequency of the reminder emails?

To amend the frequency of your reminder emails, you must first go to the main schedule of compliance page (this can be done easily by clicking ‘home’ at the top left). Once you are on this page, scroll down below the schedule of compliance, and you will find the overdue,
non-compliant, partial compliance, no upload and due in the next 3 months listed, with a drop-down option to select the frequency you desire.

This will remain in place for the duration that compliance line remains in that specific status. If this changes status (i.e. from amber to red), you will need to reselect your desired frequency in the new status.

How do I add an additional line for other non-statutory services that I would like to track in Cati?

You are able to add categories and sub-categories to your buildings which offers you the ability to track something outside of the pre-set building statutory compliance obligations, and allows you to make Cati more bespoke to your needs. Cati holds an ever-growing list of categories and sub-categories, and in order to add these you must be an Admin user. At the top right-hand corner of the page, where your user profile sits, you will be able to access ‘Manage Cati’. Scroll down to the Manage Buildings section, and double click, or select and click ‘Edit’ on the building you want to provide another category or sub-category to. If you don’t see the category or sub-category you wish to track and manage, please get in touch with the team on support@caticompliance.com and they will ensure this is added to the bank. Once this is done, it will appear in your available list and you can select this for the buildings you want it to be applicable to.

Please note, you have to add this to each individual building in the same way as described above. You will then need to ensure that each user has access to view said category/sub-category. Head to the Manage Users section, double click or select and click ‘Edit’ to enable this.

Can I manage my property leases in Cati?

Absolutely! If you would like to track and monitor your property lease(s), this is the sort of thing you can find in the categories or sub-categories bank. This is an ideal way of keeping on top of your rent reviews by setting the date and getting email reminders.

How do I store an additional certificate or document for a compliance line already containing a document?

If you would like to add an additional certificate or document, you must first head to the Site Safety Arrangements (SSA) form which can be found on the single property/building page. If you have a multi-property portfolio, you need to click on a property/building name within the main schedule of compliance.

When you are in the SSA form, head to the relevant section and question you require, and select ‘add another certificate’. Once you have uploaded the document, you have the option to give it a title before clicking save and exit. Note: you can add as many certificates/documents as you wish.

What if I am not sure what I need to do for a certain compliance obligation?

No two organisations will have the same compliance requirements. When completing your property compliance upload via the Site Safety Arrangements (SSA) form, next to each question there is a button to click for more information. We have worked closely with a H&S/Compliance expert to try to provide guidance to where you can find out a bit more information about a specific compliance line, using hyperlinks where possible. However, this is general guidance and not specific to you, so in order to understand exactly what you need to do for your property or building, please speak to your appointed contractor.

Where you need more information, or require a service to be carried out, we may be able to help, so get in touch at support@caticompliance.com.

What if I don’t need to worry about a certain compliance line? How do I remove this?

If you occupy a building, there are certain mandatory compliance regulations you must adhere to. However, no two organisations will have the same compliance requirements and therefore you may not need to worry about all of them. For example, if you don’t have gas entering your building, then you don’t need to carry out your gas safety inspection. If this is the case, Cati can recognise this as ‘not applicable’.

You must first head to the Site Safety Arrangements (SSA) form which can be found on the single property/building page. If you have a multi-property portfolio, you need to click on a property/building name within the main schedule of compliance. For mandatory requirements, Cati will ask you whether you have this or not, with a ‘no’ meaning it will attract a ‘not compliant’ status. For those compliance obligations which are dependent on whether you have this asset or not, Cati will first try to ascertain this. In the example above, Cati will ask whether you have any gas boilers, if answered ‘no’, there is nothing further to do on this question – it will become ‘not applicable’. If the answer is ‘yes’, Cati will then ask further questions.

What file types can I upload to Cati?

Cati will accept most file types, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, Excel, Word & PowerPoint etc. If you are uploading a document in an ‘editable’ format, such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint, you may not be able to preview the file – you will need to open or download it to see the detail.

Can I track my remedial actions in Cati?

If your test/service certificate requires remedials in order to achieve a compliant status, you can track and manage these in Cati. When you upload the certificate/document, once you select ‘not compliant’ you will be given the opportunity to detail any remedial actions required. Once submitted, the certificate/document will sit alongside the remedial notes you have made. Each remedial line will need to be checked off (ticked) before the status will change to compliant.

You can add notes, comments and supporting documents in the remedial management section which will provide a full audit trail from non-compliant to compliant status where remedials have been identified and completed.